Laika Notebooks


Laika Notebooks is Mexican social enterprise born with the intention of offering low cost innovation through sustainable production and distribution practices. Through continuous research and training, we continue to elevate our own standard of minimal environmental impact for all our products. As young folks who have become frustrated with the throw-away economy, where high quality products are often unattainable and cheaper options are made poorly, we want to bring our environmentally conscious standards and clean design to a broader market base.


Three ways we reduce our environmental impact:


# 1 Paper


We have chosen to use recycled and certified sustainable materials for our products. The smallest notebooks are made of stone paper, which uses no water or tree pulp.


# 2 Production


We work according to DIN 476 standards that hold us accountable to our use of materials and energy. We are constantly optimizing our process to approach zero-waste production.


#3 Waste and Recycling


All waste and waste materials, which are minimal, are collected and directed to paper recycling centers.


Materials and Certifications:


Rusticus Fabriano paper. Drawing paper with resistance to most painting techniques. It has the following certifications; Well Managed Forest, Elemental Chlorine Free, Acid-Free Long Life (ISO 9706), Heavy Metal Absence, Hydropower Product.


Stone Paper. Non-polluting paper made without cellulose. Stone Paper is made up to 80% calcium carbonate and 20% of a photodegradable polymer. Calcium carbonate is the most abundant substance in nature and its most common representation is limestone and marble. Since it is not made of cellulose it is naturally water resistance and has a higher hardness than paper. The photodegradable polymer from which it is composed, when exposed to the sun for long periods, causes the material to become stone dust again without having any impact in the environment. Its natural color is white and is therefore free of chemicals and all kinds of bleaching. For every ton of Stone Paper produced 20 trees are saved and 75.000 liters of water are no longer used. Their production uses only half the energy used by traditional paper manufacturing.


White Certified Bond Paper: Depending on the intended use, this paper can be 50% to 100% comprised of recycled material. It also has attributes EFC (Elemental Chlorine Free).


Opaline Recycled Paper: Opaline is made with 100% recycled fibers. It has the FSC certificate, which guarantees that the product comes from well-managed forests.


Ahuesado Bond Paper: FSC certification that guarantees products come from well-managed forests.


Bond Ivory 100% Recycled Paper : A high quality paper made of 100% recycled material, manufactured in Mexico.


Neenah Environment Cardstock: Ocher and gray cardboard with the following certifications: FSC, which ensure that the products come from well-managed forests, Green-E which guarantees we use 100% green energy for manufacturing, Carbon Neutral Plus ensures that the company is in constant improvements to reduce their carbon footprint, Recycled ensuring that the paper is made from recycled 100%, Green Seal guarantees that the paper is made with at least 30% recycled fiber (which is encompassed by the previous certification) and PCF fibers ensures that the manufacturing process is chlorine free.


Astrobright Neenah paper and cardboard: FSC, Recycled and Green Seal certified cardboards and papers with vibrant and solid colors. The paper is made with at least 30% recycled fiber and is sourced from well-maintained forests.


Cardboard coffee: Manufactured without chlorine. Heavy duty cardboard brown on both sides.


Caple Coffee reverse: Cardboard of high strength and quality finish. Made with 100% recycled fibers.


Minagris: Manufactured without chlorine. Gray cardboard. Made with 100% recycled paper.


Our statistical research on the use of paper has enabled us to determine the optimum sheets of paper per notebook in order to reduce waste. Having a staff of scientists within our company has granted us the opportunity to conduct studies of our environmental impact in the pursuit of technological innovation.


Our high-precision printing method uses non-polluting or non-toxic materials, such as screen printing with water-based inks, offset with non-toxic inks or soy based.


The Laika Notebooks team is also committed to furthering social development through education. We carry out science and tech workshops in low-income communities where opportunities to learn about STEM fields is very limited. These initiatives are funded with a percentage of the profits generated by our product lines.


Invitation to be a distributor


For our team at Laika Notebooks, it is an honor to invite you to be part of our distribution . We are searching for like-minded humans who feel a strong identification with our brand, its values, and its practices and we think you would be a great fit!


Purchase agreement


Depending on the size of your order, Laika Notebooks will determine the buyer price, which will bear the discount offered by Laika Notebooks, which should allow you to make a sizable profit of your own. The initial offer by Laika Notebooks can be reassessed according to the increased volume of monthly sales. Shipping costs are separate and will be agreed upon between buyer and Laika Notebooks.


We look forward to collaborating with you in the future. Please contact us if you have any questions or whenever you´re ready to place your first order.

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